The University united students from all over the world at the festival «Planet Earth is Our Home»

The annual International Student Festival «Planet Earth is Our Home» was held for the twelfth time. The event was organized by the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.

«More than 4 thousand foreign students from all corners of the planet took part in the history of its existence. This year, the students of the flagship university and other educational institutions of the city and neighboring regions took part in the festival», the organizers said.


Olympiads in mathematics, physics, history, Russian as a foreign language were held. Within the framework of the festival, competitions of creative works and compositions were also carried out.

The program began with a traditional exhibition of folk cultures, organized by the staff of the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens.


Rector of the university Sergey Glagolev, the first vice-rector Nikolay Shapovalov, vice-rector for international activity Ruslan Lesovik, vice-rector for cultural, educational and social work Irina Avilova became guests of the exhibition.


Participants presented their national cuisine. Everyone could taste culinary specialties. Also, the students demonstrated all the richness of their cultures by preparing an exposition of bright souvenirs, ethnic jewelry, clothing and interior items. Students from Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law, Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture and Belgorod State Agricultural University named after V.Y. Gorin also shared souvenirs.



The most active students showed their talents, creating a festive atmosphere. Participants of different teams united during the creative performances, which demonstrated the strong friendship of the people.


At the end of the exhibition, the awards ceremony for the winners of the Olympics and competitions began. Dean of the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, the chairman of the organizing committee of the festival «Planet Earth is Our Home» Elena Lyogochkina greeted all the guests of the event and congratulated the participants. Also Elena Nikolaevna announced the results of the competitions and handed certificates to the prize-winners.

The festival «Planet Earth is Our Home» was concluded with a concert program prepared by students of the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens.

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