The IV Annual rally of the third category of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov was held at the regional flagship university.

The competition was organized by the engineering and racing team of the University «SHUKHOV RACING TEAM». The event was a non-classified traditional personal-team motor sport competition (amateur rally).

The popularization of motor sports among motorists and their involvement in motor sport; improving the skills of driving and its safe operation in various road conditions; propaganda of the traffic rules; drawing the attention of young people to technical sports as a form of leisure and promotion of a healthy lifestyle were the main aims of the competition.


The head of the race was Artem Korneev. The main judge was Anton Dikevich, the security commissioner on the route - Ivan Novikov, the main secretary - Victoria Saplinova, the officer for communication with the participants - Peter Roshubkin.

Each participant received a newsletter and a road map.


Individuals who have attained the age of majority and have a driving license have accepted, took part in competitions. Cars which have state registration, comply with the requirements of the SDA and passed a technical inspection were allowed to participate in the rally.


The results were distributed as follows:

- Anatoly Klimkin and Pavel Kosov took the first place. The second place were given to Vladislav Prokopenko and Evgeny Kharlamov, and the third place - Eugene Duganov and Elena Duganova,

- Alexey Shatalov and Vladislav Shatalov became winners in the student group «Student and graduate of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov».  Ivan Marenkov and Ilya Gubanov took Silver Cup. Maxim Babkin and Sergey Martynov took the third place.

Elena Duganova is recognized as the «Best Navigator», Eugene Duganov named as the best «Expert Advisor of traffic rules». The crew of Victor Shitikov and Diana Shitikova were awarded with the prize «For the Will to Victory».


The confectionery factory «Belogorye», «GrinnAvto» Complex, «Dodo Pizza», Federal network of auto parts stores «BI-BI» sponsored the event. Rusich cinema center, Belgorod VAS Buditeli on «RadioRadio» and Belgorod auto, were the partners of the event.

The judging of the competition was carried out by a panel of judges, invited by the organizer of the event.

* Detailed information about the event is available on the following websites:,  and

For more information please call: +7 904 088 29 14 (Victoria V. Saplinova)

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