Master degree student of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov won the competition «BIM-technology 2017»

Master degree student of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov won the competition «BIM-technology 2017»

April 3, 2018 the second All-Russian scientific and practical conference «The best world practices of BIM-technologies in Russia» was held in Moscow. The solemn ceremony of awarding the contest winners of «BIM-technology 2017» by the representatives of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, Mosgosexpertiza, Rosavtodor, the Union of Architects of Russia, the Moscow Investors Club, the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers, as well as state and public organizations took place.


Master degree student Polina Davidenko under the supervision of the head of the expertise and real estate management department Andrey Naumov with the project «Effective use of BIM-technologies in the conduct of construction and technical expertise» participated in the contest from the regional flagship university.

The project of the group of BSTU authors was included in the shortlist of projects that scored the most points, and, becoming a finalist of the contest «BIM-technology 2017» according to the results of the absentee voting by the expert council of specialists from the Federal Autonomous Agency «Project Directorate of the Ministry of Construction of Russia».


Polina Davidenko and her supervisor Andrey Naumov won in the nomination «Student work using BIM-technologies» and were awarded with a diploma of finalists signed by the Ministry of Construction of Russia, as well as a certificate for licensed software from the sponsors of the contest.

The high evaluation of the master degree student achievements by the expert council testifies about the recognition of the achievements of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov by the industry community in practice-oriented education, a competent approach to the development of useful and significant skills and knowledge in the field of «Expertise and real estate management».

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