University talents again found their fans

The 6th annual competition of creativity of professors, university staff and students of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov «Talents and admirers – 2018» was held in the Student Palace of Culture of the regional flagship university.

Rector of the university professor Sergey Glagolev, the first vice-rector Nikolay Shapovalov. vice-rector for security Vladimir Borisovsky, vice-rector for cultural-educational and social work Irina Avilova became Honorary guests of the event.


Director of the Belgorod State Center for Folk Art Andrey Duginov, Associate Professor of the Directing Department of theatrical performances and festivals of the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture Tamara Khimenets, writer and journalist Stanislav Minakov, representative of Tele2 company Darya Tsvetova, General Director of «Spa Industry» Alexander Bredikhin entered the jury.


In 2018, the gala concert of the contest was held on the International Cosmonautics Day. And this is not accidental, because creativity is an extraordinary world that is not subject to earthly laws.

Professors and post-graduates demonstrated their talents as well as students. 15 spots presented the spectators with a whole range of different emotions: sincere smiles, delight, surprise ...


«Mini-show» based on the fairy tale «Beauty and the Beast» presented by the senior lecturer of the department «Protection in the Emergencies» Darya Vasyutkina and students of the Chemical technology institute opened the event.


The vocal and musical spot «Con te partiro» presented by the students of Institute of power engineering, information technologies and management systems Saby Monteiro and Alvina Kuznetsova was especially impressed with the accompaniment of the professor of the electric power and automation department Dmitry Kuznetsov.


After summing up the results, the nominations were distributed as follows:

- For artistic expressiveness – «Ellegia».

- For emotionality and insistence of the created image – «Samsara».

- For the original idea – «Welcome to the tale».

- For adherence to traditions – «Lonely accordion».

- For a high level of performing skills - «Poets about the life position».

- For an individual style – «Exam in Chemistry».

- The best dance couple - «The case in the library».

- The best vocal ensemble - «The world is ruled by love».

- The Discovery of the Year - «Love is like a dream».

- The student prize – «Sakhalin».

- The prize of the trade union committee – «There is only a moment».

- The jury prize – «Marousia».

- The rectors’ prize – «Con ti partiro».


The best performances:

• Ekaterina Letkemann and Darina Klymenko with the song «Come Back» - I place in the nomination «Vocals»;

• Alexandra Dronova and Talgogo Daniel with an incendiary dance «Salsa» - I place in the nomination «Choreography»;

• Inna Ursu, Maria Krutilova and students of the expertise and real estate management department with the original number «Unusual Love Story» - I place in the nomination «Art word, original genre».



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