Easter student joy

A solemn event - a student's Easter is held every year on the bright week in the Belgorod church in the name of St. Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sofia.


 On April 11, rector of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Sergey Glagolev, President of the University, Chairman of the Board of universities rectors of Belgorod region Anatoly Gridchin, vice-rector for Cultural-Educational and Social Work Irina Avilova took part in the solemn opening of the event.


The Archbishop John of Belgorod and Stary Oskol delivered welcoming remarks. «We are all gathered today to glorify the resurrection of Christ. This year is declared a year of volunteers, and I am happy that on Belgorod land we respond with charity, love and long-term traditions of good deeds to this appeal. I thank you for the good deeds that you show, despite all the difficulty of studying. This is our strength and our future», said Archbishop John.


According to the established 15-year tradition, representatives of the city student bodies received the lamps with a part of the Holy Fire. After that, bright folk festivities were held at the university campus: with songs, dances and jokes.

At the expositions you could see colorful Easter products made by craftsmen in different techniques and types of needlework. There were models of temples, Easter cakes and gingerbreads, flower compositions of beads, beads and foyamiran, painted wooden eggs, boards and plates, rag dolls at the university square. Zhanna Kudrina, Elena Novikova, Natalia Eshchenko, Alexandra Androsova helped to create this beauty.

«Student Easter personally for me is fun and an opportunity to show my creative abilities. Our specialization is creative and we always prepare our exposition for this holiday», Alexander Belyalov, a student of group ARD-21, shared his impressions.

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