Student of the university - gold medalist in the judo tournament

Student of the university - gold medalist in the judo tournament

The All-Russian tournament among juniors in judo was held at the flagship university of the Belgorod region. Over 100 participants from 15 cities of Russia competed for prizes in seven weight categories (for boys and girls of 1998-2000 years of age).

A second-year student from the Department of Protection in Emergencies Ekaterina Shagaeva (group PB-21), took the first place in the 78 kg and above category.

The coach of the judo team, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, Associate Professor of BSTU Nikolay Kutergin commented: «Our section is quite young, since it was established only in September 2017. Ekaterina is actively engaged in training, does not miss classes and very seriously refers to this. And this is a great result for us – to get the first place».


The previous competitions were dedicated to the memory of Belgorod, a university graduate, master of sports Alexander Eliseev.

The official opening ceremony was made by Sergey Dubentsov, Deputy Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sport of the Belgorod Region, Chief Engineer of the University, Honorary citizen of Belgorod Georgy Golikov, Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the University, Professor Sergey Kramskoy.



The tournament honorary guests were the founder of judo and sambo schools in Belgorod, the personal trainer of - Victor Kalashnikov and the president of the sambo and judo federation in Belgorod Oleg Nemshilov.


Also the son of  A.V. Eliseeva - Artem Alexandrovich, pupils, friends and colleagues of the sportsman took part in the sporting event as well as Master of sports in judo Nikolai Kutergin, masters of sports, police colonels Alexey Tkachenko and Alexander Slavko, Sergey Gorodov, Sergey Kovalev.



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