The university team is the winner of the open carting Championship

On March 3, 2018, an open championship on carting of the flagship university was held on the indoor track of the auto-sports complex «Virazh».

Professors, students, and representatives of Russian universities became the participants of the competition. They were divided into 14 teams - 11 Belgorod teams, mostly they were national teams from BSTU institutes, a team of foreign students «Sputnik», and 3 non-resident participants from the Southwest State University who arrived from Kursk and consisted of two teams – «SWSU-1» and «SWSU-2», as well as a team from Voronezh – «Forsage-VSUFT», representing the Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies named after G. F. Morozov.


The chairman of the BSTU primary trade union organization Sergey Latyshev delivered welcoming remarks at the solemn opening. The Dean of the Automobile Department of VSUFT Sergey Dorokhin, the head of the Department of Automobile Transport Systems and Processes of SWSU Alexander Altukhov, the head of the department of operation and organization of motor transport of BSTU Ivan Novikov and the main referee of the championship - Petr Roshubkin were among the guests who participated in the opening of the competition.


Competitions included the universities Championship and the Championship of BSTU institutes. The composition of the teams is traditional – 5 persons. The presence of one pilot in the team was a mandatory condition. The qualification was held in the average time of all circles.

According to the results of the competition, the places were distributed as follows:


The universities Championship:


1st place: BSTU

2nd place: «SWSU-1»,

3rd place: «Forsage-VSUFT»;


Personal Championship among universities:


1st place: Mikhail Kornev

2nd place: Maxim Sustertov

3rd place: Anna Pushkareva;

The best pilot is Maksym Sumretov (Forsage-VSUFT), the best pilot - lady - Anna Pushkareva (BSTU);


The institutions Championship:


1st place: Transportation and technological institute

2nd place: SRT

3rd place: «Professors team»;


Individual Championship among institutions:


1st place: Vadim Shushuvikhin

2nd place: Artem Kramonenko

3rd place: Artyom Korneev;


The best pilot is Maxim Titov (transportation and technological institution), and the best pilot - lady is Lilia Kuschenko.

The winners of the championship were awarded with cups, medals, honorary diplomas and memorable prizes.




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