A three-day workshop «Work together» was launched at the university

The event, which was organized by the experimental laboratory EDDE and the department of construction and transport of Belgorod region with the support of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, will be held at the flagship university from 5 to 7 March, 2018.


Co-founder of the Developer School, author of the EDDE course Lyudmila Malkis, architect, urbanist, director of the Melkhaus Institute Mikhail Bogomolny, architect, founder and partner of the architectural bureau «Praktika» Grigory Guryanov and architect, designer, artist and teacher Mikhail Kakushkin will act as curators and tutors.

Undergraduate students and BSTU professors from the departments «Design of the architectural environment» and «Architecture and urban planning» chaired by the direction of the Institute of Architecture Vitaly Pertsev also became participants of this workshop.


Lyudmila Malkis made introductory remarks about the EDDE course-contest and the objectives of the event. For three days, students will have an opportunity to work with experts of the architectural environment and discuss their future thesis projects, as well as its implementation in practice. In addition, after the workshop, some students who showed the greatest interest and creativity will get real job in the near future.


Then Mikhail Bogomolny gave a lecture «The mission of the non-capital city». The author spoke about the possibilities of developing small towns through small-scale projects that can improve the social and economic structure of the city. The author cited as an example the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. «This construction, which was built along with other projects, somehow brought the city back to life. In four years after it was built, the museum was extremely profitable, as it attracted tourists constantly. One particular building can change the whole structure of the city. And this is a really good example for you».

The lecture ended with a real debate to some issues raised by the speakers and guests of the event.

Lectures and presentations, master classes and workshops will be held for all participants of the workshop in three days. The defence of projects made by student teams and summing up the results will be conclusion of this event.

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