BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov welcomes spring with creative master classes

Spring is the best time for creativity. Master classes on the International Women's Day were organized in the BSTU museum and exhibition complex. Students, professors and the university staff, as well as Belgorod residents, were able to learn creative craftsmanship from real needlewomen.


Natalia Eshchenko, the interior bouquets and topiarias designer held a master class on making brooches from foamiran. This plastic material has become extremely popular among the craftsmen of the whole world. Under the supervision of skilled expert Natalia Pavlovna, the students of the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens made beautiful floral compositions and could take a piece of spring with them.



The smell of gingerbread and the opportunity to become an artist-decorator of this confectionery product fascinated the participants of the event. Zhanna Kudrina, the staff member of the Institute of Technological Equipment and Machine Building shared the art of gingerbread painting. Featureless products turned into real masterpieces of confectionery craftsmanship, using the food colorings composition. The gingerbread was painted by future architects, designers, engineers. Olga Severinova, a resident of Belgorod, who came to the master class, also wished to paint the gingerbread. «I have grandchildren and it was very useful for me to participate in this master class from a practical point of view. Because a gingerbread is delicious, healthy and fancy – These treats can be given to the children as a breakfast, for example, » Olga Fyodorovna believes.


At the same time, foreign students made festive gift wrapping under the supervision of Elena Krayevskaya. As a result, nice bags and a cake-like packages were made. Now guys don’t have to worry about how to pack presents for their classmates.

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