BSTU graduates have completed their first academic semester at Chinese university

Two graduates of BSTU successfully completed the first semester at the Harbin Polytechnic University on an exchange program.

Denis Karpenko and Sergei Guschin started classes last September. They will spend three years in China. The first year they will learn the language, and two years, students will study the Master's program in Chinese language at one of the best technical universities in the world.


The first semester was completely dedicated to the Chinese language learning. «Teaching process started from the kindergarten level», - laughs Denis. Teachers explained the sounds, its pronunciation and hieroglyphs. Training manuals were issued for foreigners with explanations in English. Students passed intermediate examinations for language skills every month and a half, and at the end of the semester they also passed a standardized qualification exam in Chinese language - HSK, which must be passed to the third level (600 hieroglyphs). Denis successfully coped with the task, gaining 288 points out of 300 possible. Now he is actively continuing to study the language and is preparing for the HSK4-level summer exam, where 1200 hieroglyphs will have to be learned. After this, the Master's program will start.


In addition to the language learning, foreign students get acquainted with the culture and sights of China. In the first month, an excursion to Sunny Island was organized - park areas, small lakes, memorial places, sculptures, a cable car. In January, students again came here to attend the snow and ice festival. Students often walk around Harbin and visit other cities, this helps to intensively practice the language and make new friends. «Harbin is a beautiful city; architecture resembles St. Petersburg. It's nice to be here, study process is very effective», Denis said.

Since mid-January, in China all are preparing for the celebration of the New Year, many institutions do not work, the city freezes in anticipation of the holiday, and students begin their holidays. Sergey Gushchin decided to continue his acquaintance with Asian culture, and Denis Karpenko preferred to spend his holiday at home, in Belgorod, with his family and friends. However, according to him, he is very used to Harbin and is already waiting for the return to China. In a foreign country, he does not feel lonely at all. «We rely on our parents at home, outside our homes - on friends», Denis quotes the Chinese saying in original language.


«I wish all Belgorod students to believe in their strength and work hard. If you have a chance, you have to go for exchange program. Even if you do not stay in this country, it will be an invaluable experience. I am happy to get this opportunity and always remember the people who helped me. I would like to thank the rector of our university Sergey N. Glagolev, as well as the director of the Center for International Education and Cooperation Evgeny V. Kapustin, and its leading specialist Anna I. Chaykovskaya, the teaching staff of BSTU university and other people close to me», Denis concluded.

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