Foreign student community discussed plans for a new semester

The scheduled meeting of foreign student community was held at BSTU resource center of German and French languages. Students from Nigeria, Burundi, Angola, Syria, Egypt, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ghana and Congo discussed plans for the upcoming semester.

The meeting was attended by the head of the department for foreign students Dmitry Nosachov, president of the foreign student community El-Tuni Fawzy, director of the Center for the Development of Rural Tourism in the Belgorod Region Igor Kulikov and Deputy Director of the center for international education and cooperation Elena Zagorodnyuk.

Dmitry Nosachyov announced the agenda and invited the participants to bring the tradition back of educational excursions in Belgorod region and around Russia. He asked the representatives of the foreign student community to prepare the lists of attractions of Belgorod, which the students would like to visit.

El-Tuni Fawzy added: «In addition to excursions to interesting places, we would also like to hold Olympiads, cross-country skiing, paintball and the like. This is not only broadening of outlook and increasing the physical fitness, but a great opportunity to bring up your knowledge of the Russian language and make new friends in Russia».


Igor Kulikov suggested arranging a student tour to the collective farms, which had been preserved since the Soviet period. Also other rural objects can be visited in order to acquaint foreigners with the economy and culture of Belgorod, to expand their knowledge of our country.

Elena Zagorodniuk had discussed questions connected with compulsory medical insurance for all students. Also she reminded the rules for the residence and registration of foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation. She told again about the educational conditions in the country’s higher educational institutions.


Elena Vladimirovna shared information about the event «65 good deeds», which is timed to the 65th anniversary of the formation of the Belgorod region and BSTU named afer V.G. Shukhov. She invited foreign students to take part in this event.

Dmitry Nosachyov added that one of the events of this action will be the annual football tournament «Friendship Cup», which will be bigger than the previous ones. Dmitry Sergeyevich also recalled the upcoming World Cup 2018 and the need for advanced registration of all those wishing to attend the competition as guests.


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