The flagship university program «GENIUS» will receive research grants

6 students of BSTU received grants for further scientific research at the program final «GENIUS-2017», organized by the Innovation Support Fund with the support of the flagship university.

Participants who passed the semifinal selection in December last year fought for a grant of 500,000 rubles for the implementation of their research projects in five areas: Information Technologies, Medicine in the Future, Modern Materials and Technologies for its creation, new equipment and infrastructures and Biotechnologies.


85 contestants took part in the competition, 30 of them are BSTU students. Participants' performances were evaluated according to two criteria: the prospect of project commercialization and the qualification of the applicant. The review took two stages: at the local and federal level.


On February 8, 2018, the protocol of the Foundation Directorate for the Promotion of Innovation, taking into accounts the recommendations of the competitive commission, the winners were chosen. 13 young scientists whose projects will be financed. Six post-graduate students and undergraduates of the flagship university were among these participants.

In the nomination «Information Technologies» prize-winning places were taken by post-graduates of the Institute of Energy, Information Technologies and Control Systems (IEEPS) of our university Nikolay Zhukov, with the project «Development of intellectual power active filter control system harmonics» and Maksim Panchenko with the project «Development of an automated system for monitoring and control of seeding single crystal sapphire process Kyropoulas method using machine vision».

In the second nomination «Modern materials and technologies for its creation» the graduate student of Institute of Chemical Technology Andrew Glivuk became winner with the project «Development of technology for multifunctional nanostructured glassy materials from waste ecological cullet».

BSTU students got three awards at once in the nomination « New equipment and infrastructures», Vasiliy Stan, master of science of the Institute of Energy, Information Technologies and Control Systems, with his work «Development of autonomous hardware for the collection, transmission and processing of information in distributed energy resource management systems based on LoRa technology», postgraduate students of the Civil Engineering Institute Dmitry Temnikov with his project «Development of biogas plant for utilization of small-scale farm waste» and Evgeny Sherement with the project «Development of a pneumatic jet unit for obtaining highly disperse powders of oil well cement Members of the chemical slurry to the mixing of oil wells».

Head of the Department of the organization of scientific and research students works at BSTU department of the professional training of high qualified stuff Ilya Kryukov said: «Our participants have presented their projects with dignity. Their work was highly appreciated by experts, as they have scientific and innovative novelty. Young scientists deservedly received a grant for research of their developments, which will enable them to create their own small innovative enterprises».

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