Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov celebrated the Day of Russian Science

On February 8, the open lectures, interactive sessions, and a demonstration of a science film were held at the flagship university. Especially for the event, exhibitions of modern technologies and scientific developments were arranged, and a unique soft-lecture hall for the Belgorod youth was held.



In BSTU the Day of Science began with a scientific video-lecture, which was opened by the vice-rector for cultural, pedagogic and social work Irina Avilova. Irina Pavlovna congratulated the students on the holiday and told about the events timed to this day.


The director of the university museum and exhibition complex Tamara Konoreva told the audience about the history of the holiday and about the great scientists who contributed to the Russian science. Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov was one of such legendary person, whose name is proudly worn by the university. The film was dedicated to him and his discoveries. The film was broadcasting n the video lecture hall simultaneously on three university sites.


On this day, the students and guests of BSTU had an opportunity to attend open lectures of leading scientists of the university. The presentation dedicated to the discipline «Introduction to the fundamentals of the technology of production of building materials» was made by the Department Head of the Building Materials Science, Products and Constructions, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Valery Lesovik. A director of the Institute of Economics and Management of BSTU, Doctor of Economics Professor Yuri Doroshenko acquainted people with the basic principles of «Management of the Company Value».


The participants of the university team of club for the lightheaded and Quick-witted and other creative teams, dressed in the costumes of great scientists, greeted the visitors in the foyer of the main building. In an accessible interactive form, the guys talked about inventions and discoveries that changed the world. Anyone could take pictures with «Nikola Tesla», «Mikhail Lomonosov», «Albert Einstein» or «Pythagoras».

After the break, the soft-lecture «Modern Scientific Challenges», was carried out by the young scientists of the University. Dmitry Yudin, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Belgorod Region, Associate Professor of the Department of Technical Cybernetics of BSTU explained: «Soft-lecture is a modern scientific format of the lecture, flexible, understandable, allowing communication with the audience and very visual. Ph.D. and young scientists are speaking about their developments, sharing what they care about in the scientific sense - even if the research is not yet completed».


Dmitry Yudin delivered a lecture «I came, saw, recognized. Machine vision». Natalia Kozhukhova - Associate Professor of the Department of Materials Science and Technology, grantee of the Presidential scholarship for young scientists came up with the topic «Do not blame the planet! Where to put rubbish». The senior lecturer of the department of computer software and automated systems, the grantee of the Presidential scholarship for young scientists Dmitry Bukhanov also addressed to the students with a lecture  «Burglary. In silence, cyberwar». 


The experienced scientists came to assist young colleagues. Director of the Institute of Energy, Information Technology and Control Systems, Professor Alexander Belousov made a presentation «Energy, Automation or Why do we need to learn Physics? Make it simple». The Head of the Department of Scientific and Research work, Head of the Department of Examination and Real Estate Management Andrei Naumov gave a lecture «Stairway to Heaven. Why do we need skyscrapers?». Associate Professor of the Department of Construction Materials, Products and Structures Mikhail Elistratkin presented the work «Construction Printing. The problem with three variables», and master of technical cybernetics student, the head of the laboratories of the neuroquantum of the regional industrial park «Kvantorium», the grantee of «Rosmolodezh» organisation Roman Chuikov made a report «Kilobyte of gold. Everyday life of a cryptomayer».


The exhibition of scientific and technical developments was held in the student's palace of culture at the same time with the soft-lecture. The guests got acquainted with the departments and laboratories of the flagship university, and the schoolboys could join the Belgorod regional children's Technology Park «Kvantorium».


The Day of Science culminated in an exhibition of modern technologies and a presentation of digital production that took place at the Center for Innovation and Design "Metamorphosis" of Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov.

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