The scientist of Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov helps in the development of the Arctic

From January 29 to February 3, the 76th International Scientific and Methodological and Research Conference was held at Moscow automobile and road construction state technical university. The leading scientists from all regions of the country attended this conference. Professor of the flagship university Valery Lesovik made a presentation at the section «Prospects and problems solving in the field of transport construction in the Arctic».

The development strategy of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and ensuring national security for the period until 2020 states: «... in the sphere of science and technology there is a shortage of technical means and technological capabilities for exploring, developing and using Arctic spaces and resources, inadequate readiness to move to an innovative path development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation». The report of the Head of the Department of Building Materials Science, Products and Structures of the BSTU Valery Lesovik was devoted to the problem solution – «Transdisciplinarity - the theoretical basis for the creation of the transport infrastructure of the Arctic».


In his speech, Valery Stanislavovich noted that a new theoretical basis is required to create unique composites for the construction of buildings, structures and facilities that provide human comfort in the Arctic. The speaker proposed to create high-strength composites using nature-friendly technologies based on bionics and geonics. The use of theoretical provisions of geology - such as technogenic metasomatism in building materials science, the law of affinity of structures, the theory of obtaining intelligent composites allows creating a new generation of materials necessary for the development of the North and the Arctic, including for the construction of fortifications.

The scientists and experts expressed interest in the application of theoretical provisions for the creation of high-strength concrete, unique cellular concrete, artificial woodification technology. The ways of joint cooperation with the project institutes in the field of practical implementation of the geonics submitted provisions were outlined. Moscow automobile and road construction state technical university scientists offered cooperation in the implementation of these ideas, including using unique equipment available at the university.

In concluding his report, Valery Lesovik said that the issue of creating new generation materials for the Arctic has been repeatedly covered by him at events of various levels: The Army 2017 Forum, the lecture series at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, and others. The science of the flagship university is the development pillar not only in the Arctic but in Russia in the whole.

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