Keeping folk traditions

The jubilee exhibition of masters of patchwork was opening the Exhibition Complex of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov which is invited guests to the wonderful world of traditional folk handicraft.


The history of the club "Flapper" began on November 10, 2012 in the village of Severny and associated with it its leader and inspirer - the national master of the Belgorod region, L.P. Lukyanova. The club's formation day coincides with the Orthodox holiday of Paraskeva Friday - the patroness of female needlework, which the masters now celebrate as their special holiday. The exhibition project on the territory of the university is held within the Interuniversity Youth Historical and Ethnographic Festival "Russ Zapovednaya" and is timed to the fifth anniversary of the club's creation.



Its participants have repeatedly participated in various interregional, regional and city exhibitions. In July 2012, the club took second place in the contest of the Belgorod region's suburbs, where not only traditional patchwork was presented, but also a clothing show in the Russian style was held. The projects of the club "Patchwork Childhood" and "Jeans Fantasies" were part of the events of the Interuniversity Youth Festival. Collections of clothes "Barynya" and "Russian quilted jackets" pleased not only fellow countrymen, but also visitors of non-native events - for example, the International Festival of Quilting in Suzdal (2016) and the patchwork festival in France (2017).


Members of the club –E.Skryabikova, Z.Kuzovkina, L.Zagorodnaya, L.Lemza, G.Dembskaya - talented women who not only mastered the wisdom of the craft, but also became the true guardians of folk traditions. They sew patchwork quilts and panels, clothes in Russian style, make puppets and folk toys, create collective works, reconstruct museum specimens, mainly using domestic cotton prints, often from the "grandmother's trunk".


The guests, including the head of the Belgorod branch of the Russian Cultural Foundation Raisa Firsova, the member of the Russian Writers' Union S.Minakov, the folk master of the Belgorod region V. Stankevich, greeted and congratulated the craftsmen. The needlework workers received well-deserved attention of other guests - students, teachers, residents of the microdistrict, who examined the exhibits with interest and asked the needlewomen about the technique of their manufacture. And while the guests were fascinated with patchwork quilts, where the main symbol is the image of the family hearth, they admired the beautiful waistcoats and bags, the folk songs and musical compositions were played in the music songs.

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