BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov shares experience in the field of security with Russian and foreign universities

The International Scientific and Practical Conference "Students' Participation in Ensuring Complex Security, Prevention of Extremism, Terrorism and Anti-Corruption Activities in Educational Institutions" is held at the basic university of the Belgorod Region.

More than a hundred representatives of educational institutions from different parts of Russia, near and far abroad came to Belgorod. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Ministry, the Antiterrorist Center of the CIS member states, the Security Council of the Belgorod Region, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, federal executive bodies, law enforcement agencies, scientific, educational institutions and civil society structures, among them the Belgorod Metropolia and the Public Chamber of the region.


Guests on the university tradition laid flowers to the monument to the great scientist and inventor, whose name is university, and then went to the Center for High Technologies. Here is a comprehensive exhibition devoted to the topic of the meeting. The exposition was guided personally by the rector of the University of S.N. Glagolev, briefly and concisely explained how the system is organized to ensure comprehensive security, prevention of extremism, terrorism and anti-corruption activities in the university.


Opening the plenary session of the conference, Deputy Director of the Department of Civil Service and Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, V.V. Samorodova noted the importance of the topic under discussion and extensive experience of the BSTU. V.G. Shukhov in this field.



First Deputy Head of the Antiterrorist Center of the CIS Member States, Major-General of Police K.O.Kozhakhmetov, who came from the Republic of Kazakhstan, read out a welcome address from the head of the organization - Colonel-General A.P. Novikov and talked about the main areas of cooperation of the Commonwealth. He noted that terrorists are mostly people under 28, so it is very important to prevent the spread of such ideas in the student environment. To this end, the Anti-Terrorism Center considers it necessary to hold meetings with the leadership of universities, where the participants share their experience and develop a unified strategy to combat terrorism and extremism. The first university that organized communication on this topic was exactly the "Technologist" in the fall of 2015.



The position of the Russian Orthodox Church was expressed by Metropolitan Ioan of Belgorod and StaryOskol.

In the modern world, security has been perceived as one of the products of the consumer society, which is associated with the onset of Western culture on traditional values. The task of universities in this situation is to protect these values ​​on the basis of those religions that the inhabitants of the region profess and become "social designers" of youthful patriotic and creative trends.

On behalf of foreign guests, the Culture Attache of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Russia Shah Sultan Akifi addressed the guests. He welcomed the participants of the conference on behalf of the Ambassador of the Republic expressed his attitude to extremism and terrorism. He noted that in the Arab countries in the seizure of settlements, terrorists first of all close schools, because they know that education is the main weapon of the fight against terrorism. Therefore, the education and upbringing of young people need to be paid the closest attention, so that more and more generations of citizens will grow up, capable of repelling the influence of extremist ideas.


The plenary reports of the participants of the international scientific and practical conference were also very informative and aroused a keen interest of the participants.

Vice-Rector for Safety of our university V.I. Borisovskyi shared the university's experience in organizing comprehensive security at the university, preventing extremism, terrorism and anti-corruption activities by his students.


An assistant to the region's prosecutor V.I. Silkotold about how the Belgorod region conducts activities to oversee the implementation of laws on countering extremism, including on the Internet. The speaker gave examples of blocking of resources by court decision, as well as trials on charges of inciting terrorism, racial and religious intolerance with using of Nazi symbols.


M.Yu. Negodin, the head of Roskomnadzor's Office for the Belgorod region, voiced the order to restrict access to dangerous information on the Internet and taught how to add a suspicious Internet resource to the Unified Register of unlawful information.


Head of the Center for Countering Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Belgorod Region G.A. Borisovsky described the current situation in the field of activity of extremist organizations in the country, recalled the normative basis on which they are brought to justice, and talked about the main directions of the center's work.

About the work of members of DND at BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov on road safety and prevention of accidents to the assembled told the head of the department of operation and organization of traffic of the university.




In the meetings on the sections, the head of the department of the student housing complex O.I. Verveiko with a report on the security of dormitories of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, Head of the Department of Defense in Emergency Situations V.N. Shulzhenko with a story about the organization of the fire safety laboratory and the voluntary fire brigade of the university, the chairman of the Joint Council of BSTU students S.A. Afanasiev with information on the activities of student associations and the head of the Department of Informatization and Communications, director of the Institute of Energy, Information Technology and Control Systems prof.Belousov. Report of the latter on the complex security system  of the BSTU on the basis of energy saving system caused a lively discussion, a desire to delve into the subject and learn from the experience of the expert.

There were also unplanned speeches - the Deputy Director of the Institute of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Problems of the Republic of Tatarstan from the Republic of Tatarstan shared with the gathered memories of the militant Komsomol detachments operating at the educational institutions of Kazan in the sixties of the last century and the experience of providing security at the Kazan State University.

The first day of the conference ended with an excursion on the main objects of the student campus and a trip to the city center to inspect the expositions of the Belgorod State Historical and Art Museum-Diorama "Kursk Battle. Belgorod direction "as a means of patriotic education of young students.


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