Master pieces of famous Arab sculptors will decorate the BSTU

Master pieces of famous Arab sculptors will decorate the BSTU

International architectural plein-air has come to the end, which gathered artists from Syria, Morocco, Egypt and Kuwait. From early morning until late in the evening for two weeks, famous Arab sculptors worked on marble in the university to give students and employees their creations.

Solemnly closing the plein air, the rector of the university S.N. Glagolev promised that fine works created by sculptors, will decorate the campus of BSTU. He thanked the participants of the plein-air for their work and wished them inspiration and creative success.


On behalf of the participants of the plein air, the cultural adviser of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Honorary Professor of the BSTU named after V.G. Shuhovdr Osama El Serwy expressed the hope that the tradition of annual international plein airs will continue, and next time their meeting will be devoted to painting.


Rector of the University S.N. Glagolev solemnly handed over the artists certificates of participants at the plein-air. One of them, YusefAlmelafi from Kuwait, could not wait for the official closing and received his certificate the day before from the hands of the first vice rector of the university, N.A. Shapovalov. After the end of the solemn part, the authors presented their work to the management of the university, students and guests of the event, as well as answered questions from journalists and art connoisseurs.





The artist from Syria, Dr. IssaDeib, talked about how difficult it is for art people to observe what is happening in Syria, how centuries-old cultural monuments crumble. He worked for four years in Palmyra, from which almost nothing now remains. Soon, the marble statues will be removed from the site, and each of them will find its own place on the territory of the university. When arranging the sculptures will be taken into account not only their size, but also the semantic load invested in a work of art. And while on the site of the artists still lay fragments of marble, which they specially left, so that anyone could take a souvenir to commemorate the plein-air.

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