International architectural plein air is solemnly opened

BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov hosted the official start of the international architectural plein-air, attended by eight famous artists from Syria, Egypt, Kuwait and Morocco. In two weeks they should create sculptural compositions of marble, which will later decorate the territory of the student campus.

In addition to the participants of the plein-air, the guests of the university on this day were the deputy head of the department of internal and personnel policy - the head of the department of culture of the Belgorod region and chief architect of the city of Belgorod. Together with the leadership of the university, they traditionally laid flowers at the monument to V.G. Shukhov, and then went to the site next to the Student Palace of Culture.


The rector of the university professor S.N. Glagolev told the guests that the international plein air for sculpture on the territory of the university is being held for the second time, two years ago, artists worked with limestone, this time the choice fell on marble.




The attaché on culture of the Arab Republic of Egypt, an honorary professor of the BSTUdr. Osama El Serwy said that such creative meetings on the territory of the university have already become a good tradition. They take place every year, alternating classes in painting and sculpture, and thanked the leadership of the university for such an opportunity. On the eve of the opening of the plein-air  participants already met with future designers and architects studying in our university. They conducted an activity for them on the topic "Search for the idea of ​​a sculptural composition". The masters told us what they were planning to create, and sketched the future sculptures. And the students asked the authors about where the artists get their inspiration and learned that they are given by nature, by communication with people and by the culture of ancient civilizations, whose heirs they are.




On the opening day of the plein-air the sculptors showed the guests the technique of working with marble and told what they want to create and what meaning they put into their creations. For example, Dr. Hatim Desuoki, a professor at the University of Helwan, is working on a composition based on the ancient Egyptian symbol of life, to charge students and staff with creative energy. And Dr. Osama El Serwy is going to sculpt the bust of Vladimir G.Shukhov in gratitude for the university's contribution to the development of science, art and international relations. It will be the 56th sculptor performed by the author, others decorate dozens of cities around the world.

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