The Ambassador of Uganda appreciated the opportunities of BSTU

BSTU them. V.G. Shukhov became the only university that visited during the visit to the Belgorod region the ambassador of the Republic of Uganda to Russia Mr. Johnson Agara Olva.


The interest of representatives of this East African country to Belgorod region is connected, first of all, with the production of vegetables, fruits and greens in the field of drying equipment, equipment for confectionery and bakery industries, as well as sowing and tillage machinery. The Ugandan ambassador, who took office in August 2017, plans to become familiar with the development of the Belgorod region's agriculture in the future - this is especially important, since the main sector of Uganda's economy is agriculture.



Mr. Ambassador  intends to strengthen cooperation with Russia in the field of energy and transport, as well as to train professional cadres for the republic in our country. Therefore, despite the tight schedule of the visit to the Belgorod region, the ambassador found an opportunity to visit BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.


The delegation of Uganda was welcomed on the territory of the university by the vice rector for international activities R.V. Lesovik and director of the Center for International Education and Cooperation E.V. Kapustin. All the participants of the meeting traditionally laid flowers at the monument to V.G. Shukhov on the university square.


At a personal meeting with the ambassador, the rector of the university, Professor S.N. Glagolev told the guest about the opportunities in the field of training highly qualified personnel for the Republic of Uganda in BSTU,  assured that he understands the interests of this country, since agriculture is the basis of the economy and the Belgorod region.  Rector of our university  invited the Ambassador of Uganda to visit the Center for High Technologies and the exhibition of achievements of university students there.


Mr. Ambassador carefully studied the laboratories of the Central Exhibition Hall and the exhibition, inspected the sports facilities of the university. At the end of the visit, the Ambassador of Uganda expressed his satisfaction with the scientific and laboratory base of the university and its opportunities for physical education of the youth and promised to help increase the number of students from his country at BSTU.

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