Expanding cooperation with foreign universities

On the 18 of May delegation of representatives of foreign universities and educational agencies arrived to our university for discussing cooperation with the university. Guests from Uganda, India, Nepal, Ghana and Palestine met at a round table in the Center for High Technologies with the rector of the university S.N. Glagolev, the president of the university A.M. Gridchin, heads of institutes and structural units of BSTU named V.G. Shukhova.



Prof. Glagolev cordially greeted the guests on the Belgorod land and told them about the international activity of the university andabout the opportunities for training foreign students. He also mentioned that many graduates continue to maintain relations with their alma mater after graduating from the university and help increase the number of students from their countries as well as the conclusion of agreements on cooperation at the level of educational institutions and even countries. This was confirmed by an international forum of graduates and Russian universities, held in the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhova in March this year.


On behalf of the guests, the representative of the Republic of Uganda, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate for his contribution to environmental research, Professor Makerere University, Honorary Professor of BSTU -Tom Otiti thanked the leadership of the university for hospitality and noted that he was greeted warmly every time he came to the university, and he is again glad to return here with his colleague and leader.



 Director of the International Center for Education and Cooperation E.V. Kapustin introduced the first pro-rector of Makerere University, Professor Barnabas Navangwe to the participants of the roundtable and said that he was doing a great job in developing cooperation between our universities. With his participation, the first English group was opened .For his contribution to international cooperation, educational and scientific activities of our universities, Professor Barnabas Navangwe was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of BSTU.


Rector of the university S.N. Glagolev congratulated the first pro-rector of Makerere University with this new status and presented him with the diploma and the mantle of an honorary professor of the BSTU.


 Professor Barnabas Navangwe thanked the leadership of the university for the honor given to him and assured that he would contribute to strengthening relations between our peoples .Professor from Uganda expressed hope that in the near future students from his country at  BSTU will be at least ten times more than now.


Then came a delegation from Palestine. President of the Russian-Palestinian Academic Society, Director of the Center for Advanced Studies and Social Assistance of the University of Al-Istiklal, Dr. Mohamed Najazhra, spoke about his organization and noted that all graduates of Russian universities in Palestine are very respected people occupying important posts. Therefore, if the family wants to give the child a good education, they send him to study in Russia. Vice-rector of the State Polytechnic University of Palestine, Dr. Ramsey Kawasma, said that he really liked the city of Belgorod, and especially the BSTU and the opportunities that it gives to foreign students. He invited the leadership of our university to visit with a return visit the universities of Palestine to strengthen bilateral relations between universities.


 Rector of BSTU S.N. Glagolev and the president of the Russian-Palestinian academic society, Dr. Mohamed Najazhra, signed an agreement on cooperation between the organizations they lead and exchanged souvenirs. At the end of the round table, all members of the delegation of representatives of foreign universities and educational agencies received gifts in memory of the visit to the university and Belgorod land.

In the second half of the day delegates became honorable guests of the final event of the international festival "Our Home - Planet Earth", solemnly opening an exhibition of national cultures along with the dean of the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens E.N. Lyogochkin. During the final concert they from the stage greeted the participants of the festival and thanked them for strengthening the ties between people and states around the world.

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