Guests from the Benin Republic

Delegation from the  Embassy of the Republic of Benin in the Russian Federation, which included - Charge d'Affaires Mr. Pierre Collie, attache Financial Officer Mr. Gilles Viaynon Heafanme had visited BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov on January 18th.

By tradition, the guests laid flowers at the monument to V.G.Shukhov.

Then they met with the Rector of the University, prof. SN Glagolev. The diplomats thanked the head of the university for the care, which are surrounded by young representatives of Benin, who are studying at the university.

"We came to see how our students are settled, what their conditions for study and living. We see that everything is very good ", - said the head of the delegation of Benin.

Guests discussed three issues: employability of students during the holidays, as well as issues related to the transition of students from the preparatory faculty at the Bachelor and Masters.

Rector of the university expressed readiness to assist in this issues. In particular, it was noted that all students in  summer time have the opportunity to participate in student construction teams on campus, students can conduct research, sports, creativity. We offer sports and gyms, science labs and a library for students.

International students enjoy playing football, participating in festivals and competitions. We are guided tours, during which they learn about the history, culture, life and traditions of the Belgorod region.

Representatives of the Embassy offered to organize an exhibition of art masters of Benin. This proposal was received with enthusiasm. Prof. Glagolev  said: "It will be very interesting for the students and for us, the teaching staff. It is a good idea that should be developed to attract and embassies of other countries. "

The same day, the Charge d'Affaires, Mr. Collie and Pierre attache Financial Officer Mr. Gilles Viaynon Heafanme met with students from Benin studying at our university.

 During the meeting they they shared their impressions about studying in Belgorod.

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