Stronger ties with the Bochum university

The delegation of the University of Applied Science Georg Agricola to Bochum, Germany visited our university on Monday, May 16th. German colleagues: Karl Kleinberg -surveying, Dean of mechanical equipment Institute prof. Stefan Voth and employee of the Institute of Mining- Ivan Akinshin. Earlier, in July 2014, during a two-day visit, PhD, Professor Jürgen Krechman, which currently is the president of the University of Applied Science Georg Agricola to Bochum and our friend Karl Kleinberg familiarized with the material and technical bases and laboratory of our university. And at the end of his stay in Belgorod, they signed a memorandum of cooperation in which were outlined the prospects for further work between our universities.

In November of the same year employee of the International Department of the Olga Leonova had visited the university in Bochum. During this trip, she was prepared the visit of the delegation of our students to Germany. This trip took place in December 2015. This trip significantly enriching the baggage of professional knowledge of our guys, because the University of Applied Science Georg Agricola to Bochum - an educational institution with a great history and traditions deserve to be leading the countdown of its activities since the 19th century. Today, there are three departments at the university where are training specialists in the field of mining and geology, industrial economy, machinery and transport equipment, electronics. Our universities have a lot to learn from each other.

The current visit is the third for our friends. Therefore, in the first minutes of the meeting with the leadership of the university, our guests thanked the University staff in the face of the rector, prof. Glagolev for active, fruitful cooperation. The parties exchanged proposals on further cooperation. German colleagues offered bachelors and masters exchange.

Prof. Glagolev offered not only the students exchange but also staff and faculty exchange. At the same time, as noted by the head of the university, it is desirable to pay more attention to practical training and conduct of scientific research in industry.


In memory of the meeting the German colleagues presented to prof. Glagolev book about two hundred year history of the development and establishment of the Higher Technical School of Georg Agricola. According to prof. Glagolev said, after detailed examination of the it, book will take its rightful place in the university museum.

Later, the delegation continued its work in accordance with the planned program.

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