Ruslan Valerievich Lesovik

Ruslan Valerievich Lesovik was born on December 15, 1978. In 2000 I graduated from Belgorod state technological academy of construction materials, construction and technological faculty. Subject of the candidate’s thesis: 05.23.05 — Fine-grained concrete for road construction with use of waste of wet magnetic separation of ferruterousquartzites, 2002. Subject of doctoral dissertation: 05.23.05 — Fine-grained concrete based on composite binders and technogenic sand, 2009.

After graduation was trained in postgraduate study course, 11/29/2001 is appointed the chief of a staff of student's construction teams of Belgorod state technological academy of construction materials. Starting from September, 2003 worked as the deputy director of research and professional centre for professional development of experts and retraining of personnel of BSTU, 12.2004  started a course of doctoral studies at Belgorod State Technological University named after V. G. Shukhov, currently is a professor at the department of construction materials and products.

Area of scientific activity of Lesovik Ruslan Valeryevich: development of bases of control of processes of structurization in system cement — technogenic sand. Author more than 250 scientific, scientific and methodical works and 34 patents, 14 monographs and manuals. Under his supervision 1doctor's and 10 candidate's theses have been defended.

Rusan Lesovik is a member of dissertation council D 212.138.02 (MGSU, Moscow -  Moscow State University of Civil Engineering).

R. V. Lesovik is an active organizer and the head of research works of students and post-graduate students. The research and development of students and post-graduate students made under the supervision of prof. R. V. Lesovik have repeatedly been awarded: became the winners of a regional competition of young scientists "Youth of Belgorod region" (2002, 2006, 2009, 2013).

For his scientific activity Ruslan Lesovik won competitions of grants: "The Polzunovsky grant" 2004, a grant of the Belgorod region "Vladimir Shukhov" — 2002. Winner of the All-Russian competition "Engineer of Year" of 2006. The applicant of a grant of the Russian President (MK — 3123.2008.8), 2008. In 2009 for big achievements in the field of science and equipment the youth award of the Russian Union of scientific and engineering public organizations, "Hope of Russia" award.


  • the letter of gratitude from the mayor of Belgorod for the organization and active part in the work of students’ construction teams in the summer period 2003;
  • the letter of gratitude from the Governor of Belgorod oblast for many years of decent work, high work performance and significant contribution to the development of Belgorod oblast (2005);
  • the letter of gratitude from the Governor of Belgorod oblast for active development and introducing innovative educational and implementation research programs, training high-qualified personnel for local economic branches  (2008).


Tel.: (4722) 55-15-91


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