Autonomus power supply

The system of gas supply of university accomplished via average pressure  gas pipeline. Annual consumption  by gas consuming installations of BSTU named after V.G.Shuhov (hostel gas cookers; boiler-houses; forge shop; experimental and training production facility "Chrystal") is from 1,9 million m3 to 2,3 million m3, depending on temperature of ambient air during  heating season.


In connection with impurity of open water reservoirs and subsoil waters, water supply from an artesian well becomes urgent.

20 water meters throughout the campus record the expense of process and potable water, namely in:  four dormitories,  premises for studies; catering facilities;  sports halls № 1, 2; cultural centre; libraries; department of mechanical equipment and machine building technology, laboratory building; power supply service.

The annual water consumption is as high as 301 thousand m3. Sewage - 395 thousand m3.The works are carried out  by «Gorvodokanal» municipal service.


Electric supply of study buildings and structures located in the campus is made by municipal utilities. At the same time electric networks with voltage 0,4 kW, are on the university balance. Annual electrical consumption is around 8,2 million kW·h.


Hot water supply of study buildings and structures is carried out from own independent heat energy sources over a closed system, and also from municipal sources of  centralized heat supply over an open system. The annual volume of hot water supply is  32 thousand m3 and 110 thousand m3 respectively.


Nowadays independent heat sources (portable boiler installations) for industry, residential and office buildings find more application. The installations meet all sanitary, environmental and fireproof standards.

Therefore all buildings and structures located in the  university campus  are provided with thermal energy for heating, ventilation and hot water supply from 2 independent portable boiler installations I (PBI) power 6,2 МWt (PBI1,2 and PBI 5).

Heating system – is two counter, independent, connection of inner systems is made via independent automatic heat points with temperature control of heat unit depending on ambient air temperature during the heating season.

                                             Т1 = f(tambient air)      

Feed water undergoes complex processing with the help of “Complexon -6” unit.

The work of boiler units, feed, network and pumps in an energy-saving regime is provided by the functioning of automatic control system SAU-MP-11 based on up-to-date logical controllers. Portable boiler unit (PBU5) provides heat for the library, main building and studying premises (1,2 and 3).

It contains three units “Volcano” VK-1500 type for heat generation for heating and ventilation and one boiler unit VK-500 for hot water supply.

Portable boiler unit PBU 5 №1 provides heat energy for catering facilities, dormitories 1,2,3 and 4, and laboratory buildings of Energy faculty.

The boiler plant contains two boiler units: “Volcano” VK-1500 type -2 units and VK-1000 – 2 units. The above sources of heat energy (PBU 1,2, PBU 5) 25 independent heat points (IHP for studying buildings, premises and structures) are included into an integrated data system and their parameters are passed to the central control and dispatch office for data processing and decision making for optimization of heat consuming.

Boiler units are made in the local enterprise in the town of Shebekino near Belgorod.

Length of the heat network, being on the balance of the University is 5,12 km (one-pipe system), volume – 161,4 m3


Outside lighting of the campus is based on energy saving regime, with the use of up-to-date power saving lamps.

Wind power unit with the capacity of is intended for independent electric supply and is designed for the areas with average annual wind speed is no less than 4-5 m/sec. The unit functions in the following regimes:

Regime of battery charging to provide direct current for electric devices and stable voltage 48 v, with the capacity up to 2000 W.

Regime without a battery – for the heat load.

Regime of joint (parallel) functioning with the solar battery (SB), with 200 W capacity, both for battery charging and heat load. The wind power unit is used for outdoor lighting of the mechanical building.

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