Safety and security

Organization of educational and research process, solution of social problems are impossible without creating safety conditions for their realization.

The safety of the University means safety for each student, teacher, employee.University security system is realized in different directions.

The university ensures emergency, criminal protection and protection against other negative factors for its staff, provides regular training based on special program and practical drills, maintaining buildings in technically safe condition and monitoring of life-support system condition.Occupational safety and sanitary-epidemic protection

This objective assumes assessment of work places on a regular basis, functioning Health Centre and recreation summer camp.

Environmental safety implies creation of favorable environment.

Academic facilities, workplaces and halls of residence are equipped with automatic fire alarms and fire fighting system to meet fire safety requirements.

Each employee is provided with personal protective equipment and fire fighting means (fire-extinguishers, smoke-tight masks, etc.)

Volunteer fire fighting teams are functioning, involving 10 security guards, out of the members of police-supported students’ team.

The volunteer fire-fighting team is being formed on the initiative of the emergency protection department. Much is being made for preventing terrorist and extremist actions and anti-criminal protection.

The territory of the University (3,5 km), academic buildings and hostels are equipped with automatic access control system, which enables to trace the number of staff members inside the building, a video surveillance system is functioning (94 cameras in the academic buildings, hostels and the territory of the University) and; patrol and inspection service of the territory, academic buildings. Security of students student hostels is ensured by student security guards, members of police-supported team; the territory patrol with dogs —is being planned.

Much attention is paid to foreign students’ safety: connection with the embassy, consulates and personal work with each student — safety instructions and video in native languages.

Information security

Protection of intellectual property, state, official and commercial secret from unauthorized access of people or with the use of technical means.

The University collaborates with police offices, Federal Security service, emergency department, drug control department, local authorities (joint plans are being developed and realized).

The following University departments are aimed at taking safety measures :

  • Central control service;

  • Security department;

  • Emergency and mobilization department;

  • Emergency and mobilization department;

  • Occupational Safety Department;

  • «Corporate system» engineering center

  • Security guards: student’s police-supported team.

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