Veterans council

BSTU Veterans Council was elected in 2008 and included 13 people.
Chairman — colonel P.F. Ushakov, candidate of science (history) (tel. 30-99-01 extension.14-48)
Deputy chairman — A.V. Cherkasov, candidate of science (technology), assistant professor, took part in international military actions.
Secretary — N.I. Mezhakov, lieutenant colonel, took part in international military actions.
Members of the Veterans Council:
Veterans wounded during world war II — 5 people including one woman.
Participants of the Second world war and people equal to them — 7 people.
People participating in battles- 8 people including one woman.
Military service veterans — 43 people.
Labor veterans — 69 people.
Pensioners — 314 человек
Total number of the Council members — 446 people.

Celebrating the Victory Day with the university staff
By the initiative of the Veterans Council the following events were arranged: meetings with the participants of international military actions ( A.V. Cherkasov, N.I. Mezhakov, Second World War participants E.N. Devyatov and A.M. Konkov, “Courage lesson”. “Courage lessons” dedicated to Moscow and Stalingrad battles, where military service veterans will take part are scheduled for faculties. 
The Veterans Council and the rector’s office arranges ceremonies for the veterans on the Defendants Day and the Victory Day.

War veterans Е.N. Devyatov and S.А. Soloviov
To enhance the patriotic work among students each war participant is provided with patronage of the faculties.
The university museum jointly with the Veterans Council held the exhibitions — «Victory commanders», «Profession to Defend the Fatherland», «90-th anniversary of Federal Security Service».
The members of the Veterans Council organized patriotic readings, dedicated to the Days of Military Glory at the faculties of materials science, faculty of architecture and construction, faculty of economics and management, machine building faculty.

Opening ceremony of the exhibition dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of Russian military forces
In 2009/2010 academic year at the initiative of the veterans’ council arranged a military and history contest : «I remember! I am proud!», dedicated to the 65- th anniversary of soviet people victory in the Great patriotic war in 1941-1945.
Research and technical library is an up-to-date centre of information support for academic and research process, hosting a reach collection of books, developed information and bibliographic services.
The library collection numbers over 1 million 500 thousand volumes of academic, research, regulatory and technical sources and takes over 400 periodical scientific journals.
The library collection is formed with traditional and electronic sources on industrial and civil engineering, road construction, architecture, production of construction materials, automation of technological and production processes, economics and management at the enterprise, accounting and other fields of knowledge. A full text electronic library is available in the local university network, which includes papers written by the academic staff.
For complete response to research enquiries from the users the library allows access to the following electronic databases — «Codex», «Consultant plus», «Stroyconsultant», «Norma» (State standards) as well as maintains gateway to remote resources of largest libraries and information centres throughout Russia. This includes a full text dissertation base, kept in the Russian state library.
A hall of electronic sources functions for comfortable use by those who work with electronic sources and remote databases.

Meeting in the intellectual club Information Day

Text exhibition “The Youth’s choice is the Future!” A class in «the Russian Language University»
At present all inner technological processes are computerized including borrowing books to the users.
RTL is taking part in developing information and services of corporate library system within Belgorod region (Integrated information space for the libraries).
Much attention is given to educational and cultural activity. «Intellectual Club» was created for post-graduate students and young scientists, first – year students attend classes at «the Russian Language University», the fiction loan section organized a «bibliophile Club». The library also arranges book displays (including virtual) on a regular basis.
RTL is a methodological centre for libraries of local higher institutions and technical schools. Libraries working in 29 professional education establishments are provided with regular consultancy and assistance in basic activity areas.
RTL has its own Website (, informing the users of the resources and services provided by the library, electronic catalogue (since 1993), information manuals and references, made by library specialists.
Tel. (4722) 55-01-46; 30-99-01 (ext. 17-75, 17-80); 
Fax: (4722) 30-99-96

Technical and research library working hours.
Reading rooms and individual loan sections:
Open Monday through Friday from 9-00 to 18-00 without a lunch break
Saturday – open from 10-00 to 17-00

Fiction Loan Section (hostel №1):
Open Monday through Thursday from 11-00 to 19-00 without a lunch break
Friday from 11-00 to 18-00
except the weekends.
The last day of each month is a sanitary day.
Director of research and technical library
Nadezhda Tikhonovna Chuprina,
candidate of science (pedagogic),
honoured worker of culture of Russian Federation,
real member of UN International Informatizaton Academy 
 «library science». section
Tel.: (4722) 55-01-46, ext. 17-75.


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