Student's art center

The opening ceremony of the Arts Centre with a hall of 1200 seats, took place on March 6, 1989, hosting 43 creative societies with 887 members.
In March 2009 the Students Arts Centre celebrated its 20th anniversary. Intensive social and cultural work among students and academic staff, including residents of Belgorod is being conducted by SAC creative group. For 20 years the Arts Centre has become the coordination centre for social and cultural creative activity of the university and other educational institutions in the region.
In 2001 the Cultural Administration of the local government established the Department for Children on the basis of the Students Arts Centre. Creative specialists of the Department are doing much involving children and teenagers living in micro districts in Belgorod into art. Three children’s art societies are functioning at the moment; one of them holds a title of “Созданы три детских творческих коллектива, один из которых имеет звание «model amateur society».
The Arts centre is the venue for annual meetings of local Student Construction Teams, fun and wit festivals, Students’ Easter festival, all-Russian dance championships. These events influence personal activity and growth as well as support the spiritual heritage of orthodox traditions.
Such events as the Knowledge Day, Tatiana’s Day (a saint patroness of students), new Year Festival, Open Door Day, the Defendants’ Day, Victory day, have become traditional. The following contest shows attract great interest of the students: 
— «Student of the year»; 
— «Miss University»;
— «Miss Domolink (internet provider)»; 
— Father Frost and Snegurochka competition
Each year creative specialists of the student’s Art Palace become organizers of the events, held in “Technolog” summer Youth camp, located near the village of Dubino in Borisovski District.
The following three creative groups of the Students’ Art Centre have the honourable title of «People’s Amateur Society»:
— academic choir, leader - «Honoured specialist of Culture» V.N. Shuvalov;
— «Faculty», vocal group, leader – E. Koladina;
— «Show plus», a modern dance group – instructor I. Yatskovskaya
For the past three years creative groups of the Students’ Art Centre take part in all-Russian Festival «Students’ spring0»
The following events have become a tradition:
— university creative contest among first-year students «Fame Minute»;
— university recitation contest «The World of our thoughts»; 
— club meetings in the «Music room» for the academic staff and students;
— Fun and Wit contests among faculty teams.
The specialists of the Students’ Art Centre cannot stop on the achieved and are inspired with the realization of new creative ideas


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