Exhibition center


The exhibition centre (EC) of Вelgorod state technological university named after V.G. Shukhov was opened by the decision of the State Construction Committee in September 2000.
The EC goal is the implementation of innovative approaches in academic and educational activity in the following areas:
1. Professional and labor; 
2. Cultural and moral; 
3. Civil-law; 
4. Physical perfection and healthy lifestyle. 
The basic requirements for training a broadly educated engineer are based on quotations of V.G. Shukhov, an outstanding scholar, whose name was given to our university: «If you are not acquaint ourselves with the art of А. Pushkin and P. Chaikovski, S.Rakhmaninov and L. Tolstoy, an engineer is unable to achieve anything…»
The exhibition centre is involved in the following activities:
1. Promotion of achievements of university scientists in developing new technologies, materials and structures. 
2. Extending business ties with enterprises and organizations involved in construction industry, 
3. Selecting talented people among academic staff and students. 
EC includes the following:
1. Information hall about University divisions; 
2. Exposition hall for enterprises of construction industry; 
3. Visual arts section. 
The «University» presents all the faculties. The recent expositions devoted to academic activities and industrial ties has become more informative and aesthetic. The exposition is constantly supplemented by new developments and exhibits made by University divisions.
The exposition «Building materials of the ХХI century» is popular among visitors, especially students. It presents construction businesses of Belgorod and other Russian regions. The following are major ones:
1. «Reinforced concrete works — 1» Managing company; 
2. «Stroymaterialy»; 
3. «Carbon» (Shebekino - lime); 
4. «Liga Ltd» 
5. «Dyatkovsky Crystal (the town of Dyatkovo) 
6. «Sibcement» 
7. «KWIL Paint factory» 
8. «Dobra - Kraska» 
9. «KamBelRus» 
10. «А+В» 
11. «LSR. Managing company» 
12. «Belgorodstroymontazh» 
The section of culture and aesthetics on a regular basis organize exhibitions of paintings of Russian Artists Association members, craftsmanship masters, amateur artists, students and university staff members. One of the main areas of activity is to reveal talented people among students and academic staff, to work on cultural and aesthetic upbringing of youth.
Annual exhibitions for the first year students have become a tradition to familiarize them with university history, its profile, traditions, enterprises involved in construction industry where the students are supposed to have practical work while studying at the university and perhaps will be employed by them in the future.
The following exhibitions have become traditional:
1. Graduation projects and creative works made by students and academic staff of the faculty of architecture and construction; 
2. Regional craftsmanship exhibitions; 
3. Exhibitions of teachers and pupils of children’s art school. 
The expositions prepared by the Exhibition centre successfully represent the university during the exhibitions arranged by Belgorod chamber of commerce, regional craftsmanship centre, as well as at subject exhibition in Moscow, Kharkov,Izhevsk, Mineralnye Vody, Voronezh, Dyatkovo and others.
• Archive 
Exhibitions in 2008-2009 .
• announcement 
Exhibition schedule for 2009-2010 academic year
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of BSTU exhibition centre
Contact information
Exhibition Centre, BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, 46 Kostyukov str. Room 103 auditorium building
tel/fax (4722) 30-99-80; 02-64; 17-81
E-mail: elekrasovskaya@yandex.ru 
open from 10.00 to 17.00 except the weekends


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