Research schools

Energy- and recourse-saving ecologically friendly technologies of production of high-quality building and composite materials, mineralogical, structural and phase aspects of production and modification of solid phases.

Leading sciences in this field are:

  • Klassen Viktor Korveevich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is, head of department of cement and composite materials technologies(TCCM);

  • Luginina Iya Germanovna, doctor of science (technology), professor of TCCM department;

  • Minko Nina Ivanovna, doctor of science (technology), professor, she is head of department of glass and glass-ceramic materials technologies;

  • Nemetc Igor Ivanovich, doctor of science (technology), professor of department of technology ang design of ceramic and refractory materials (TDCRM);

  • Barbanyagre Vladimir Dmitrievich, doctor of science (technology), professor of department of TCCM;

  • Evtushenko Evgeny Ivanovich doctor of science (technology), professor, he is, head of department of TDCRM.

Research developments staff of research schools are aims to save fuel and energy recourses, to improve cement, glass, ceramic and composite materials technologies, to use different waste in silicate materials technologies, to synthesize and research new minerals properties, structures as well as nanodispersion modifying agents.

For more then 30-year period of continuous work with firms on the contract base successfully solved to improve and optimize technological process in more than 100 cement, glass and ceramic factories on the Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Polish, Cuba et. al. territory.

The result of sciences and their gift to train of engineers lead to that the specialty «Chemical technology of high-melting nonmetallic and silicate materials» has become the best in Russia in 2005 as result of rating of Ministry of Education and Science.

Scientific basis to use of potential capability of anisotropic raw materials and developing of principles of producing of road concrete with specified properties.

Leading scientists in this area are:

  • Gridchin Anatoly Mitrofanovich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is Head of department of automobile roads and aerodromes (ARA);

  • Yadikina Valentina Vasiljevna, doctor of science (technology), professor of ARA department;

  • Dukhovny Georgy Camuilovich , candidate of science (technology), professor of ARA department;

  • Shoukhov Victor Ivanovich, candidate of science (technology), professor of ARA department;

By school staff was developed the theoretical and practical basis to operate by structure formation of road building materials with use the raw with anisotropic properties; theoretical basis a producing and forecasting of quality of effective organo-mineral composites allowing nature and surface properties of mineral components; principles of complex using of the KMA waste on purpose to increase the operational property of automobile roads.

Theoretical and experimental investigation KMA technogenic raw was carry out as well as has developed practical references for it wide area using. A thousand of automobile roads has built and repaired. Research school progress promoted to take of International certificate of quality education at the automobile roads and aerodromes department. In result of Ministry of education and science competitions the specialty " Automobile roads and aerodromes" has become the best in Russia in 2005.

Methodological basic of using of energy-saving raw and effective technologies in building materials industry considering raw genesis and stability system “human – material – environment”.

Leading science in this area are:

  • Lesovik Valery Stanislavovich is a corresponding member of RAABS, doctor of science (technology), professor. He is a Head of department of Building material science, things and constructions (BMSTC);

  • Rakhinbaev Shark Matrasulovich, doctor of science (technology), professor of BMSTC department;

  • Harkhardin Anatoly Nicalaevich, doctor of science (technology), professor of BMSTC department;

  • Strokova Valeria Valeriavna, doctor of science (technology), professor, she is Head of section of «Nanosysten in building material science».

Research activity of school staff allowed to design the methodological basic of improving efficiency in building material industry and expansion of source of raw materials in building industrial allowing genesis and typomorphic raw features. The affect of inheritance of efficiency level of crystal structures of raw minerals with neogenic synthetic composites; methodology of design and produce of high-strength concretes with close packing particles. Allowing fulfilled cycle fundamental researches, the Russian Academy of architecture and building sciences makes to establish the Academic science and creative centre(ASCC), which is leading division of RAABS and Russian High Education Institutes in using of nanotechnologies in building material science area.

As a consequence of realized works the series of associated mining rock and KMA cleaning rejects was transferred to class of minerals, what has leads to making huge recourse basis in Central Region of Russian Federation. On the basis of this raw acts the scores of factories produced tens million m3 concrete and mortar, scores millions m2 of habitation, industrial building and constructions are exploited.

Creating the modern machine system, mechanization and automation tools to produce building materials and things.

Leading scientists in this area are:

  • Bogdanov Vasily Stepanovich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of department of mechanical equipment;

  • Sevostjanov Vasily Semenovich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of department of technological complexes and machines;

  • Pogonin Anatoly Alekseevich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of department of technologies of engineering industry (TEI);

  • Pelipenko Nikolai Andreevich, doctor of science (technology), professor of TEI department.

By school stuff is taken the research investigations concerning of the theoretical basis of grinding technologies of materials; making and improving the milling units for different materials as well as energy-saving technologies to produce the cement; the design of news mobile technologies for machining of large-size details; concept of design, produce and realization of news portable assembly units, providing a renewal of fail details.

A new construction of tumbling ball mills with longitudinal and lateral motion of grinding bodies, inside-mill devices, jet-type mills, desintegrators, separators, dispensers, filters, press-rolls, presses, treatment and renewal parts equipment has designed and introduced in Russian and foreign factories of building materials industry.

The results of researchers of scientists of research school lead to that the speciality " The machining facility and technological complex of factories of building materials, things and constructions" has become the best in Russia in 2005, in result of Ministry of education and science competition.

Theoretical basis of aggregate stability control of dispersion. Design and producing of specific composite materials. Solve the problem of technological and ecological improvement due to creating of region schemes of complex using of raw materials.

Leading scientists in this area are:

  • Shapovalov Nikolai Afanasjevich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of department of Colloid and physical chemistry;

  • Pavlenko Vjacheslav Ivanovich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of department of Inorganic chemistry;

  • Sverguzova Svetlana Vasiljevna, candidate of science (technology), professor, she is a Head of department of Industrial ecology;

  • Minko Vsevolod Afanasjevich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of department of Heating, ventilation and conditioning.

School research aimed at a detection of law the connection between colloid and chemical interaction of dispersion phases, influence the electrolytes and plasticizing agent, develop of effective complex thinning agents, sorbent agents as well as environmental technologies.

The research of stuff school allowed to design the colloid and chemical principles of reological properties control of nanosystem dispersion and their aggregate stability; synthesis of super disperse metallic and silica organic oligomers for producing of radiation-protective materials and polymer dielectric composites for radiochemistry and aerospace destination. The radiation-protective concrete composites have took industrial testing and adopted at the Kursk AES «Posatom» of Russian Federation for bio-protection the reactor RBMK from neutron and gamma emission.

Most ecological problems on many region plants as well as in a factory of Russian Federation.

Developing of construction theory, calculation methods safety construction, design news building constructions and improving exiting constructions newly building and restored buildings and constructions, providing of improving the environmental comfort and safety.

Leading scientists in this area are:

  • Yrjev Aleksandr Gavrilovich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of department of Resistance materials and building mechanic;

  • Smolago Gennady Alekseevich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is e Head of department of Industrial and Civil Engineering;

  • Donchenko Oleg Mikhalovich, candidate of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of department of Urban Construction and Municipal Services.

The research of stuff school aimed to use the variation principles of structural synthesis, evolutional and genetic algorithm for optimization of building constructions, deformation properties, fracture strength of concrete products and thin-walled space constructions, subjected to gravity, temperature and other action; establishment the safety construction life of erection the buildings and constructions, projects selection, developing new principles of estimation the residual life of force resistance of building constructions.

By school stuff are taken many research works directed to expertise, analysis of safety the projectible and exploited buildings and constructions, it promoted to take the International quality certificate to train in «Industrial and civil engineering», «Urban building and economy» departments.

Design and development of principles, method and means of automatic design of material, processes, equipment of for building material industry and construction; informatization of education.

Leading scientists in this area are:

  • Rubanov Vasily Grigorievich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of department of engineering cybernetic;

  • Korsunov Nikolay Ivanovich, doctor of science (technology), professor, he is a Head of «Soft wear of computer science and automated systems» department;

The school stuff solves problem of control and diagnostic of technical systems, optimal direction by technologic processes and mobile robot, as well as stability analysis of robust type.

Research works on the school stuff have allowed to developed a control system for burner devices and thermal aggregates, estimation of energy recourses, integrated information control system for education activity; automatic control system for drug provision of medical establishment; multimedia navigators.

Scientific and methodological basis of forecasting of economic and math’s modeling and strategic development of meso- and microeconomic system in condition of a dynamic solution.

Leading scientists in this field are:

  • Rudichev Anatoly Andreevich, doctor of science (economic), professor, he is a Head of «Economics and production arrangement»;

  • DoroshenkoYrij Anatolevich, doctor of science (economic), professor, he is a Head of "Strategic direction "department;

  • Bukhonova Sofia Miroslavovna, doctor of science (economic), professor, he is a Head of "Financial management "department;

Research work of the stuff have allowed to develop scientific and methodological basis of complex estimation and monitoring by economics and innovative potential of the branch, region establishment, enterprises; scientific and methodological basis of estimation and monitoring by industrial company business cost; conception and theory of economic safety forming of region enterprise, person; theory and methodology of ecological and economic approach to complex using of mineral deposits in market relation condition; theory and methodology forming and estimation of public development of region, enterprise; economic model of enterprises and branch function of building material industry and construction in condition of market economic region policy; theoretical approach to explanation of effective using of economic potential of natural monopolies and industry development.

Result of carried researches have been tested and introduced of Federal economic pattern, executive and legislative bodies of Russian Federation region, managing regions of practical sector of economic in academic process of series of leading Russian higher schools during economic training.

Sociological problems of specialists training. Synergy. Philosophic anthropology. Epistemology. Urgent problems of ethics and aesthetics art and culture theory.

Leading scientists in this field are:

  • Kotelnikov Gennady Alekseevich, doctor of science (sociology), professor of Sociology department;

  • Guzairov Vladislav Shamilevich, candidate of science (sociology), professor, he is a Head of Sociology department;

  • Iljaeva Irina Alekseevna, doctor of science (philosophy), professor;

  • Veingold Yrij Ylianovich, doctor of science (philosophy), professor;

  • Shevchenko Nikolay Ilijch, doctor of science (philosophy), professor.

Researches of the stuff are directed to learning, diagnostic and forecasting of social processes and changes being in modern Russia, developing and testing of appropriate research tools, design and introduction of control technology for social processes and changes on branch, region, municipal and arrange (local) level; research of philosophy human problems, formation mechanism of moral and aesthetic culture, spiritual personality development.

To make the complex researches on the base of university the Research Institute of Synergy is organized.

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